I need office coffee to survi

I have said it before and no doubt I will say it again (probably before the end of the day) but here goes,

“I cannot function without my coffee”

Especially during the week. As the cruel grind of Monday to Friday nine to five life takes its toll, I need my office coffee to get me through and survive.

I know its incredibly unfashionable at the moment to be a self confessed coffee junkie, but hey we all have our flaws. We are living in a time where the media is buzzing with health and wellbeing regimes. and every other person you meet is either juicing or detoxing, or trying the hard 75. These healthy people exist within my workforce, and whilst they are all super busy hydrating their body with good old H20 or caffeine free green tea, (whilst shouting about the benefits to anyone who will listen) there is little old me hanging onto my travel mug for dear life and planning my next escape to the coffee shop for my office coffee fix.

First coffee of the day

Ask a coffee lover what their favourite coffee of they day is and you may be surprised by the answer. It is often assumed that I enjoy the first one of the day the most, but this is not the case and I will tell you why.

  •  I have to make the coffee myself. Just like restaurant bought food or when you visit a friends for dinner, things taste better when you don’t have to make them. This rule does not only apply to food but coffee also and nothing beats coffee shop bought beverages.
  •  It is often rushed and rarely savoured. I won’t lie I am not a great morning person (if I was, would I need the coffee?) so most mornings end up rushed. I have a morning routine and I stick to it. However its not the kind of healthy regime the CoinJoin app that includes the luxury of a leisurely breakfast or meditation time, although I suspect this is what the green tea drinkers are doing. Instead my schedule is more of a shower, coffee, run to train station kinda situation. Therefore I don’t always enjoy that first rushed cup of joe as much as I should.
  • Its never a fancy affair. My first cup of coffee of the day, is a made at home instant pot, no frills affair. Missing are the syrups, sprinkles and additional treats of the coffee shop (sad sigh). The allure of these is what gets me out of the front door some mornings.

So you see my first cup is essential to me but certainly not my favourite. My favourite comes a little later on in the morning when I enjoy my first office coffee.

Best coffee of the day – 10.30am office coffee

The best thing about my favourite office coffee is that it also combines an escape from the office (and away from the healthy cult crew) and into the arms of my beloved coffee shop. It doesn’t have to be at 10.30am, I am no strict clock watcher. But it is usually a mid morning affair Spotify promotion. Too late for breakfast and too early for lunch, an office coffee will always pull me through that grey no mans land. Its the mid morning pick me up I want and need in my life.

I pick my caffeinated treat and hug its warmth as I carry it back o the office. After that first sip of my office coffee things already seem a little brighter and maybe it won’t be such a bad day after all.

Coffee For Offices, How To Make Coffee In The Office?

We all love coffee, and office coffee shouldn’t be a punishment. and if you are roasting coffee at home you will save alot of money on buying boutique beans. Here we share some tips on how to prepare office coffee in your workplace better. Often, the “secretarial” coffee makers or percolators are used to make about 100 cups or 50 cups of coffee at the same time, but how to make a good coffee in the office? Some offices will have filter drip coffee machines and others will have an automatic machine. Both make a different style of coffee and each person will have their preference.

For a drip style coffee maker, several tips can help you make the coffee taste as rich as if you prepared it in a professional cup-by-cup machine. For a coffee machine lease there are many options in your local area if you do not want to purchase an espresso machine outright.

First of all, the coffee maker must be clean and dry without water or coffee residues. Also, make sure the filter is free of coffee residue. Use a medium grind for this type of coffee maker and drop it evenly into the filter. The amount of coffee depends on how many cups you will prepare and the size of your secretarial coffee maker. But use what you would always use as a measure per cup for the simple coffee maker you handle.

Use carafe water at the same time for your coffee, preferably without sodium, and this will taste better and will be more gentle with your coffee maker to take care of it in the long term. After the water, put the tube where the hot water will rise to “wet” the coffee and then put the filter on top of it, followed by the lid. If you put cold water, the process will take longer and make the coffee stay in contact with the water for longer and release more caffeine; try to use water at room temperature.

Once the coffee is ready, disconnect the coffee maker from the light; if you don’t, then preferably the filter and the tube should be removed since if the coffee maker is turned on and reheats the water, it will wet coffee again. It will release more caffeine, and no one will sleep that day. Waters! Be careful with your hands; the filter will be very hot; stir carefully.

It is best to invest in thermal jugs like restaurant ones, so as soon as the office coffee is ready, they would empty it into these thermal jugs, and the heat would be maintained, but the coffee would not continue to be “burned” to spoil its flavour.

For a semi automatic coffee machine turn on the automatic office coffee machine and let it do its thing, this may take a few minutes, but it depends on the size of the cup and what type of coffee you have selected.

One of the most recommended things is to calculate how many people will drink from this coffee machine and at what time, to be able to do the right thing and be able to drink it once and not save coffee and burn it.

Do you have any other tips that have helped you when using these types of coffee makers?

Please share them with other coffee lovers in the comment section below. Good morning and enjoy a better office coffee.